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We have the technology and products to effectively and efficiently deliver your currency solution. Whether it’s a straight swap of funds for currency or fixing a rate of exchange for a specific date, we’ve got you covered.

Spot Contracts

A Spot Contract is a straight swap of funds at the present exchange rate. It is payable within 3 days or sooner depending on the maturity date. This is the most common and traditional form of currency exchange and is suited to addressing any imminent currency transfer needs you may have.

Forward Contracts

A forward contract allows you to fix a current exchange rate for a future delivery date. You can lock in a guaranteed exchange rate up to the next 24 months and avoid the risk of exchange rate fluctuation to protect your bottom line.

Market Orders

This tool allows you to target a specific rate 24/7 higher/lower than the current market rate. A market order is an agreement to buy currency at the best available exchange rate. This enables you to receive an exchange rate you are satisfied with, without having to monitor the market or worry about your currency exposure. Market orders are ideal if you need to make a payment with no immediate urgency.

Mass Payment Solutions

Automate mass payouts and accounts payable to global suppliers, partners, affiliates, staff, and freelancers. Saving the need to pay manually, you simply upload a file into our system and it will pay out to all your beneficiaries in one click.

Collection Accounts

We provide an easy, fast and secure way to collect funds globally. 

You will get account details in your own name and collect them through AD Capital Markets in 20+ currencies. Benefit from cross-border and in-country collections this includes an account number and other necessary information to make or receive payments in a given currency.  Collect and hold money in multiple currencies.

Trade Finance

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